Manual Design, basic template for following manuals

3. März 2013














In order to keep manuals easy in production, and consistant through all manuals from the graphic perspective, this was created as a basic template (executed on an actually needed manual). All Type and styles are based on defined paragraph formats, additionally GREP styles are used to keep the way of formatting consistant through the complete book.









After having done this a word document, using the paragraph styles with synchronized names, Indesign is able tot o the most of expected formatting by itself. Of course, page breaks, picture cropping and blank pages are still tob e done manually.

MultiMACS_Manual_01 MultiMACS_Manual_03 Manual, inner page spread MultiMACS_manual_innerpages_04



The time savings are high, working with well planned templates does save a lot of time. In fact, we reached the time break even with the third manual, so the preliminary work was well invested.

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